Twitter bots promoting content from controlled alternative media (part 2) -

Part 1 is here: bot.html.


Video of Andrew Bridgen that was posted by multiple accounts promoted by bots

This video of Andrew Bridgen was posted by Wide Awake Media, Concerned Citizen, Vigilant News, Vigilant Fox, Mario Nawfal, Jim Ferguson, Robin Monotti, DD Denslow, David Wolfe, and David Cartland:

When I searched for a part of the text in Monotti's tweet in double quotes, I noticed that the text but not the video had been posted by an account called TimAino2:

In the past 24 hours the same account had also retweeted or quote tweeted Wide Awake Media, Radio Genoa, Aussie17, Truth Justice, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Concerned Citizen, and Peter Sweden (who happened to post another video clip of Andrew Bridgen):

Two Miles Guo bots also linked to versions of the video that were posted on GETTR (and the GETTR posts were made by two different users but they still had the same text):

When I searched for lang:zh andrew bridgen, many Guo bots had posted a version of Bridgen's video with Chinese subtitles or quote tweeted the video posted by Wide Awake Media or Vigilant Fox. A version of Bridgen's video with Polish subtitles was also posted by an account called himalayaespana6, which used to post in Spanish until 2023 but for some reason now it posts in Polish instead:

Another Guo bot also posted a Spanish translation of Bridgen's video:

Accounts followed by illuminatibot

Illuminatibot posted two tweets about how it was followed by Elon Musk which seemed human-written, but both tweets included the word "lol". So when I tried searching for from:iluminatibot lol, I found other tweets which seemed like they might be human-written and which weren't posted multiple times by different bot accounts. [] One of the tweets said "all the accounts i follow are me as well lol" and another tweet said "all the twitter pages i follow are also me lol". The other tweet had also been posted by redpillbot but I didn't find any other accounts which had posted the tweets (so the tweet might have still been automated, even though it could be that the people who are running these bots manually entered it into the pool of tweets which gets tweeted by these bots). redpillbot has only 50 followed accounts. illuminatibot has 1430 followed accounts, but Twitter only shows a few dozen of the accounts. These were the last two accounts shown:

The other account shown above was a bot with a Spanish name whose newest tweets were all images of Bible quotations in Spanish. It had only 13 followers but one of them was an account named "illumina tibot" with zero tweets:

The bio of the other account said that it was a extreme patriot and a truther, but it also said this in Chinese: "Bachelor's degree: Chinese Master's degree: Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian and Tibetan history/Ancient Chinese/Mongolian". When I checked the newest tweets by the account, within the past 24 hours it had retweeted IlluminatiCoin bots 6 times, DR. Kek and Stew Peters twice, and Mario Nawfal, Liz Churchill, and DogeDesigner once:

However just because illuminaticoinbot is following these bot accounts doesn't mean that the bots are part of the same operation as the IlluminatiCoin bots, because it could just be following random accounts.

Accounts followed by redpillb0t

redpillb0t has only 50 followed accounts, but they include the accounts of InfoWars, PrisonPlanet TV, Alex Jones, and Rob Dew who is a reporter for InfoWars. [] redpillb0t also follows these two accounts whose display name is a first name and last name and that have the profile picture of some random boomer (and the three newest tweets by the other boomer account were a retweet of healthbot, a retweet of redpillbot, and a reply to redpillbot):

redpillbot also followed an account called Thomas Townsend Brown. It had only 4 tweets and 6 followed accounts, but the followed accounts included accounts called Phil Scheider, Dialect YouTube, and CHRIS18703, which were all also followed by redpillbot. (Thomas Townsend Brown is supposed to be an inventor of electrogravitics technology that is used in UFOs, and Phil Schneider is supposed to be a whistleblower who fought with aliens in an underground base.)

DialectYoutube has posted only one tweet, which is a link to a video on a YouTube channel about physics called Dialect Philosophy. However you can tell that the Twitter account is fake, because this network of accounts also includes a similar fake account for the YouTube channel Redacted which has only two tweets:

The bio of both accounts shown above includes the text "Watch the videos of the YouTube channel", so when I googled for the text in double quotes, I also found a fake account of a YouTube channel called Lesics, which was also followed by the fake accounts of the Dialect and Redacted channels, and the fake accounts of Thomas Townsend Brown, Phil Schneider, and Chris Langan:

The DialectYoutube account has only 5 followed users, but they include CHRIS18703 which was also followed by redpillbot and Thomas Townsend Brown:

The followers of DialectYouTube include both 0ccultbot and redpillb0t, and they also include an account called ElonRevemusk39, which has the same display name "Elon Reeve Musk" as several of the bots which copy tweets from ElonMuskAOC and DogeDesigner (even though this account had zero tweets so I know if it's operating under the same program as the other accounts with the display name "Elon Reeve Musk"). I don't know if Twitter simply sorts the followers in descending chronological order, but the Elon Musk bot and IlluminatiCoin bots were all among the last accounts shown on the list of followers, and above them there were accounts which just seemed like random bots:

In the image above the third account from the bottom is AthinaKilia, which has 10 tweets but the first two of them are replies to CHRIS18703:

AthinaKilia is also following MICHAILA41108, which was the second account from the bottom on the list of followers of DialectYoutube:

The Phil Scheider account has only two followed accounts but one of them is CHRIS18703:

One follower of DialectYoutube is an account called EsotericBot which has only 3 tweets, but its tweets are protected:

One of the two followed accounts of Phil Scheider and the first follower of DialectYoutube was the fake account of the Redacted YouTube channel. The Redacted account has 5 followed users, which include CHRIS18703, DialectYoutube, Thomas Townsend Brown, and a fake Chris Langan account (which was also followed by DialectYoutube):

On Phil Scheider's list of followers, the first account from the bottom is called illuminateme369 and the third account from the bottom is called illuminati3366:

illuminati3366 has 3 posts which are all photos of freemasons. The URL in its profile is a link to a WhatsApp phone number of someone called "G grand Master David":

The newest tweets by illuminateme369 included many quote tweets of IlluminatiCoin bots, 4 quote tweets or retweets of Concerned Citizen, 2 quote tweets of VigilantFox, and quote tweets of DogeDesigner and Jack Straw, and it also posted several tweets where it promoted RFK Jr.'s presidential campaign:

The five oldest tweets by illuminateme369 are all replies to ElonMuskAOC:

For a long time illuminateme369 didn't post any tweets, but after that its first tweets were an Elon Musk fan tweet, a reply to DR. Kek, and a reply to a Qtard account. After that it posted a quote tweet of Marjorie Taylor Greene and 5 tweets with AI-generated art. And after that it posted two replies to Richard Hirschman (who is the funeral director who first told his story about kalamari clots on the Jane Ruby Show), and after that it posted a tweet about how Elon Musk was a hero:

Later it also posted many other Elon Musk fan tweets like this:

There's also an account called DimitrosKilias which has 112 followers, but they include redpillb0t, thehealthb0t, 0ccultbot, ufobot, EsotericBot, CHRIS18703, MICHAILA41108, AthinaKilia, and sjlightworks (which was the second follower of Phil Scheider). They also include a fake account of Philip J. Corso (who is another famous UFO guy like Phil Scheider and Thomas Townsend Brown):

Phil Schneider, Thomas Townsend Brown, and DimitrosKilias are all followed by an account called "Uk THC VAPES UK". It had 31 followers but one of them had the display name ElonReeveMusk. It had 34 tweets which were almost all retweets of Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, or DogeDesigner. The account didn't have any original tweets, so I couldn't check if it was copying tweets by ElonMuskAOC and DogeDesigner like the other bots with the display name "Elon Reeve Musk":

The first follower of the fake Thomas Townsend Brown account is a user called witw23748. It has 11 followers but one of them is a fake Elon Musk account called EMusk10068 which has only two tweets:

The followers of the Redacted account also include fake accounts of the UFO guys Philip J. Corso, Jesse Marcel, Jacques Vallee, and Phil Schneider:

riddlebot and JeuExterminator

One follower of the fake Redacted account is called riddlebot, which has only 8 tweets which consist of 4 riddles and an answer to the riddle:

riddlebot is following only 9 users, which are Elon Musk, the 7 IlluminatiCoin bots, and the Redacted account.

riddlebot has 9 followers, which are 8 bots that advertise online casinos or adult dating sites, and some anti-Jewish account called jeuexterminator whose profile links to a website by the fed operation Goyim Defense League. The anti-Jewish account had only 64 tweets, but they included retweets of illuminatibot, redpillb0t, Concerned Citizen, End Wokeness, Jackson Hinkle, and Mario Nawfal:

Accounts followed by ufob0t

ufob0t is following only 56 accounts. The first account from the bottom is some Anonymous account called anonymousgum, and the next four accounts are associated with InfoWars, and the sixth account is someone whose bio says "Ex-Anon". ufob0t also follows CHRIS18703, DimitrosKilias, MICHAILA41108, Redacted, and Thomas Townsend Brown:

Most tweets by anonymousgum were about Anonymous, but it often also retweeted Jackson Hinkle and Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis, which were also heavily retweeted by the Raelian bots and many other bots I have covered on this page:

Accounts followed by multiple IlluminatiCoin bots

I no longer have access to Twitter's API because Elon started charging 100 bucks a month to use the API. So I used Twitter's web UI to manually copy a list of the followed accounts of 0ccultbot, conspiracyb0t, redpillb0t, thehackerb0t, thehealthb0t, and ufob0t. I didn't include iluminatib0t or naticoineth because they had so many followers that Twitter didn't show all of them. This shows all users that were followed by at least 2 different accounts:

I looked up some of the accounts above that I wasn't familiar with:

Followers of small accounts linked to IlluminatiCoin bots

I also tried compiling a list of the followers of these accounts: AthinaKilia, CTMU11, DialectYoutube, DimitriosKilias, LesicsYouTube, PhilSchneider_, SofiaTsirigouli, TTownsend_Brown, itsRedactedYT, ridddIebot, and sjlightworks. These were all accounts that followed two or more of the accounts:

hstga23 (Historian23) has zero tweets and only 8 followers, but one of them is occamsrazor22 (Occam's Razor), which has subscribed to 5 different IlluminatiCoin bots. It also follows the nikkie_dikkie Qtard bot, whose bio included a list of 9 accounts it was followed by but all of them were followed by at least two or more different IlluminatiCoin bots. The first followed account of hstga23 is an account with an Anonymous avatar. Here one page of the followed accounts of hstga23 is almost identical to on one page of the followed accounts of redpillb0t, including the two accounts with a profile picture of a random boomer:

The six newest tweets by 101pseudoprince consisted of 3 retweets of DR. Kek, 2 retweets of 0ccultbot, and one retweet of thehealthb0t (which happened to be a video of Peter McCullough, who seems to be popular with these bots which also promote VigilantFox and other people linked to TWC):

ShamsunMusa is supposed to be the account of a black Muslim from Egypt. It has only 143 tweets, but about 20% of them are replies to the IlluminatiCoin bots or reposts of their tweets:

E. O. Akpobaro is portrayed as an African account, but it doesn't tweet about conspiracy topics or Western current events, so it wasn't retweeting the kind of accounts that are usually retweeted by these bots. So it's yet further evidence that this botnet probably extends further than just accounts about conspiracy topics. The account has a Linktree page with links to accounts at YouTube, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat. But for example the YouTube channel only contains videos which consist of nonsensical poems that are narrated by an African voice, but it's hard to tell if it's text-to-speech or not:

Here E. O. Akpobaro quote tweeted an account called E. O. A. Foundation, which has only one tweet, only one follower, and 5 followed accounts. But its followed accounts also include an account called "E. O. A. Mediary Services" which also has only one tweet:

kiwn06939523 posts in Chinese, but the 40 newest tweets on its timeline included retweets of Jim Ferguson and Vigilant Fox and a quote tweet of Wide Awake Media:

wycl31049 is portrayed as a non-profit organization called "CLIFFE COMMUNITY SERVICE ONLINE". It has 50 followers which are mostly adult dating bots, but two of them are the accounts occamsrazor22 and DefenceOp which are connected to the IlluminatiCoin bots:

SerpentBearer33 has only 53 tweets, but most of them are links to YouTube videos by another similar bot called Unocculted Knowledge. The YouTube videos consist of occult topics narrated in a text-to-speech voice with the narrated text displayed on the screen, which is similar to the YouTube channel of E. O. Akpobaro. Both bots are followed by the Qtard bot KayThanQ which was followed by three different IlluminatiCoin bots. The first three followers of both bots also include accounts called presenceofbeing and AntaresIsReborn, but AntaresIsReborn seems to post a large number of retweets of SerpentBearer33, Unocculted Knowledge, presenceofbeing, and the IlluminatiCoin bots:

Notes about other accounts I listed above:

Video of Mike Yeadon that was posted 14 times by Wide Awake Media

Wide Awake Media posted this video of Mike Yeadon at least 14 times:

The same video with a similar description was also posted by the DiedSuddenly account, by Guo bots, and by Mercola's wife Erin Elizabeth the Health Nut (who used to be advertised as the most expensive hooker in Silicon Valley but who later evolved into a pimp who ran an operation called The second-oldest tweet which matched a part of the text of the tweet in double quotes was posted by Wide Awake Media, but the oldest tweet was an English translation of a French tweet that was posted by another bot:

Many of the newest tweets by the French bot were about flat earth, but one time it also posted a video by Greg Reese about how viruses have not been isolated:

Among the 100 newest non-reply tweets by the bot which posted an English translation of the French tweet, there were 5 retweets or quote tweets of illuminatibot, 2 of Vigilant Fox, 2 of Wall Street Apes, 1 of DR. Kek, and 1 of Visegrád 24:

A Chinese bot posted two replies to ElonMuskAOC which included the text of the video about Mike Yeadon but not the video. The Chinese bot had 45 followers, but they included DR. Kek, and they included a fake Elon Musk account with zero tweets called Elonmusk248058. The newest non-reply tweets by the bot included a tweet about kalamari clots posted by William Makis, a tweet by ElonMuskAOC about how Elon Musk was a champion of free speech, Robin Monotti's tweet about Ryan Cole (who is supposed to have first brought Richard Hirschman to the attention of Jane Ruby), three anti-Muslim tweets by Radio Genoa, a retweet of a Chinese tweet that quoted William Makis, a retweet of a Chinese account which quoted Shadow of Ezra, two different retweets of Wall Street Silver which quoted RadioGenoa, TheChiefNerd's clip of Tucker with Chinese subtitles, and so on:

The Guo bot which posted Yeadon's video also posted a video by aussie17 with Chinese subtitles, and it posted the same video of Andrew Bridgen that was posted Wide Awake Media, Robin Monotti, Jim Ferguson, Vigilant Fox, and Raelian bots:

This Japanese bot was another account that posted the text of Yeadon's quotation:

When I scrolled through the newest tweets by the Japanese bot, within a few pages it had reposted William Makis, Wall Street Silver, Peter Sweden, Chuck Callesto, Simon Goddek, and Concerned Citizen:

Are Elon Musk's replies automated?

bx_on_x showed that Elon Musk posted a large number of tweets which only consisted of the text "Yeah" or "Exactly", and she wrote: []

So I did a little experiment by turning on all notifications for Elon Musk on X. What I learned is that for a period of time each day, Elon replies to a handful of accounts using what would appear to be a botted script.

Could he be this boring and generic with his replies without a bot? Possibly. Regardless, the lack of effort and obvious coordination with specific large accounts makes me wonder what kind of deal those accounts have made with X to get the perk of having Elon as their reply guy, thus propelling them to max platform visibility.

I found that between April 6th UTC and April 30th UTC, Elon posted a total of 22 replies or quote tweets which consisted only of the word "Exactly" (even though one time he also added an exclamation mark):

bx_on_x also pointed out that Elon posted a large number of replies to the accounts EndWokeness, Rothmus, MarioNawfal, and WallStreetSilv, but my screenshot above also includes replies to Mario Nawfal and Wall Street Silver.

My screenshot also shows that Elon posted multiple replies to realchrisrufo. There were 56 tweets returned by the search phrase from:elonmusk to:realchrisrufo. 7 of them consisted of the text "!", 6 "Yeah", 4 "Yes", 4 "Wow", 3 "Exactly", and 1 "True".

In the past month Elon had posted a total of 44 tweets which consisted only of the text "Wow". They included 3 replies to Mario Nawfal, 1 reply to Wall Streeet Silver, and 1 reply to Visegrad 24: []

I used code like this to scroll through Elon Musk's tweets with replies and to count how many times each user was mentioned. It includes replies and retweets but not quote tweets:

bjs()(osascript -e'on run{a}' -e'tell app"brave browser"to tell active tab of window 1 to execute javascript a' -eend "$1")
ttt()(grep -o 'href="/[^/]*/status/[0-9]*'|awk -F/ '$2!="i"{print$2,$4}')

open -abrave\ browser
while :;do bjs document.body.innerHTML|ttt;bjs 'window.scrollBy(0,(window.innerHeight))';done|awk '!a[$2]++'

During the past approximately 30 days, these were all accounts that were included at least 5 times:

108 cb_doge
72 SpaceX
16 MarioNawfal
15 Tesla
15 EndWokeness
12 shellenberger
12 Not_the_Bee
10 GadSaad
9 teslaownersSV
9 Starlink
8 WallStreetSilv
8 SawyerMerritt
8 CommunityNotes
7 stillgray (Ian Miles Cheong)
7 XNews
7 XBusiness
7 KanekoaTheGreat
6 stclairashley
6 elonmusk
6 alx
6 JohnStossel
5 nypost
5 neuralink
5 imPenny2x
5 fentasyl
5 XData
5 FoxNews

Japanese bots that promote Expose News author Rhoda Wilson

Someone posted a link to an article at Expose News where the author was listed as Rhoda Wilson, but most of the article was copied from the blog of someone called "A Lily Bit" who describes herself as a "former intelligence operative". [] I pointed out that Expose News was probably the same kind of disinformation outlet as Red Voice Media, because both of them published a large number of articles about stories that were covered on the Stew Peters Network. Expose News has published articles by Rhoda Wilson which said that COVID vaccines contained hydras, snake venom, and self-assembling robot arms. [,,]

When I searched for tweets about Rhoda Wilson, many of them linked to Japanese translations of her articles:

SPN-type content is often translated to many foreign languages, similar to content related to Qanon, Anonymous, Miles Guo, Falun Gong, and GAIA TV. I have also found multiple Chinese websites which publish translations of articles by people like Benjamin Fulford, COBRA, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla, and X22 Report. [,,] So when I looked up the newest tweets by one of the bots which had linked to a Japanese translation of an article by Rhoda Wilson, I was not surprised that it promoted videos and blog posts by Benjamin Fulford. It also promoted articles by the Japanese edition of Epoch Times, and it reposted McCullough Foundation and BRICS News. It also reposted the same video clip of Andrew Bridgen that was posted by Wide Awake Media, Jim Ferguson, Robin Monotti, and Vigilant Fox. And it posted a guide on how to remove graphene from your body:

When I looked up another bot called tnuu0310 that linked to an article by Rhoda Wilson, most of its tweets were in Japanese so it hadn't reposted that many English-language accounts. But it had retweeted a tweet about flat earth by DR. Kek, and it had reposted 3 different tweets by Insider Paper. It also retweeted a link to an article by aussie17, and it retweeted a quote tweet of a video by aussie17 that was posted by Concerned Citizen:

I also found a website which had posted Czech translations of many articles by Rhoda Wilson. []

I didn't find any photo of Rhoda Wilson or any video or podcast where she appeared, so she might be a fake persona similar to Heshmat Alavi and Tyler Durden. According to a report titled "GEC Special Report: Russia's Pillars of Disinformation and Propaganda", "Global Research published or republished seven authors attributed by Facebook to be false online personas created by The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, popularly known as the GRU. Sophie Mangal, Anna Jaunger, Milko Pejovic, Adomas Abromaitis, Mariam al-Hijab, Said al-Khalaki and Mehmet Ersoy were identified by Facebook as false online personas created by the GRU, as noted in Potemkin Pages & Personas: Assessing GRU Online Operations, 2014-2019 by Renee DiResta and Shelby Grossman, published by the Stanford Internet Observatory in November 2019.105 Altogether, these seven GRU personas are responsible for 108 articles that appear on Global Research's website." [; via] However Global Research has also republished many articles by Rhoda Wilson (even though the source of the articles was always linked as Expose News, or in two cases Health Canada News which had copied their article from Expose News). []

Expose News publishes an average of about two articles per day where the author is listed as Rhoda Wilson. In all of the most recent articles by Expose News, the author is listed as either Rhoda Wilson, Patricia Harrity, or The Exposé. When I searched Google and DuckDuckGo for, I found that up to February 2022 many articles also had the author "captaindaretofly", and there's a total of two articles where the author is listed as Carolyn Marie Peterson, but I didn't find any other authors on their website. [,] I didn't find information about captaindaretofly apart from their articles at Expose News.

Patricia Harrity's profile picture at Expose News shows that her username at Gravatar is triciarococo. [] When I googled for the username, the only result was that someone with the email address from the city of Lowestoft in England was a "brigade member" at the Tony Robbins Foundation. [] When I googled for "Patricia Harrity" "Lowestoft", I found a LinkedIn profile of a Patricia Harrity from Lowestoft who had the same profile picture as the author at Expose News, and who had earlier worked as a proprietror at a company called Rococo. [] So I guess at least Patricia Harrity might be a real person:

There were over 2,000 results when I googled for "rhoda wilson" and over 1,000 results when I googled for "patricia harrity". So I guess the reason why so many Japanese tweets mention Rhoda Wilson is that a huge number of her articles have been translated to Japanese.

The Japanese translations of articles by Expose News were mostly posted by the blogs and They also post articles by Baxter Dmitry, who writes for The People's Voice. When I searched Twitter for the name Baxter Dmitry, about half of the most recent search results were posted by the same Japanese bots which promoted articles by Rhoda Wilson: []

In the year 2023 Expose News claimed that there was an assassination attempt on their editor, so they used it as a pretext for a fundraiser where they managed to reach 96% of their goal (even though they didn't even mention who their editor is, or how their editor had been injured): []

The Establishment has escalated its attempts to silence us for good. The Exposé was already facing an unprecedented level of censorship and access to our funds was restricted.

But due to the constant failure to silence us the Establishment recently tried to fatally injure our Editor so they could silence us for good.

Thankfully, their latest attempt failed but it was not without consequence and our Editor is now recovering from severe injuries sustained and watching from afar.

This means your support is now more vital than ever so that The Exposé can continue to bring you the facts the mainstream media refuse to. It's fully confidential, quick, secure and easy. Please choose your preferred method below...

Video of Bill Gates that was posted by illuminatibot, Wide Awake Media, and Andrew Bridgen

Andrew Bridgen posted this video clip with no source cited, so when I checked if it had also been posted by other accounts, I found that it had been posted by Wide Awake Media and by illuminatibot twice (but none of them cited any source for the video):

Later the same video was also posted by Wall Street Silver. []

The bot below also posted the same video in a reply to Peter Sweden. Most posts by the bot were written in English, but it sometimes randomly also posted tweets in other languages like Korean and Turkish. Out of the latest tweets its timeline, about 40% of the tweets were reposts of nature photos by Japanese accounts and about 20% of tweets promoted Islam, or in particular a messianic figure called Imam Mahdi. (I think these bots are assigned interests they post about randomly, so sometimes they end up picking unlikely combinations of interests, like how I also found a bot which posted about both Tanzanian topics and Anonymous.)

The video of Bill Gates was also posted by the Japanese bot below. It had recently reposted Shadow of Ezra, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Wide Awake Media, Mario Nawfal, Wall Street Silver, illuminatibot, bambkb, Peter Sweden, Insider Paper, Concerned Citizen, and BRICS News. It also tweeted the same video of Andrew Bridgen that was tweeted by a huge number of bots, and it posted an original tweet where it promoted Peter Sweden:

The video by Wide Awake Media was also quoted by Alex Jones, who misspelled Josef Mengele's name as "Joseph Minga". When I searched for "Joseph Minga", I found 15 accounts which had posted a translation of Alex's tweet in various languages: Chinese (Lhcychchvk4567), French (Leetchi7, amaddama88, phantoma_s) German (kleopatra2009, Symphonie2911), Italian (CarloDiMaio_63), Portuguese (HarpiaLivre, Heroi_Romanesco, LGAFBr, abs_hel, paulajohanna77, Spanish (elorwelliano), or Turkish Dervishizir:

The French, Spanish, and Portuguese accounts hadn't reposted that many English-language tweets, so they also hadn't posted that many tweets from the usual suspects, but the German, Chinese, and Turkish accounts had. When I looked up the other account which had posted a German translation of the tweet, about 30% of its latest tweets were reposts of tweets by English-language accounts, but the majority of them were reposts of RadioGenoa, Jim Ferguson, Wide Awake Media, illuminatibot, End Wokeness, Oli London, Alex Jones, or Wall Street Silver:

The account which had posted a Chinese translation of the tweet by Alex Jones was a Miles Guo bot called Helen777. Its three latest tweets were quote tweets of illuminatibot, thehealthb0t, and nikola 3 (and the tweet by nikola 3 was about flat earth):

Its 7th-newest tweet was a video by Miles Guo that was posted by Concerned Citizen:

When I scrolled through the timeline of the bot and counted how many times it had retweeted or quote tweeted each user, most of the accounts with 5 or more retweets were Guo bots (or some may have been non-bot accounts that promoted Guo), but the two highest-ranking users were illuminatibot and Concerned Citizen:

116 iluminatibot
78 BGatesIsaPyscho
43 graniteofstone (Guo)
36 RealAlexJones
31 BYDJ777 (Guo)
25 S1lzF6u0WSo0BzD (Guo)
21 guo_free (Guo)
17 June4th89 (Guo)
16 zhouxiaoping85 (Guo)
16 0ccultbot
13 sophiadahl1 (portrayed as a Norwegian lady whose banner image says that the virus does not exist)
12 ivaniosef22 (Guo)
12 PeterSweden7
11 wenfeng2020 (Guo)
11 ronin19217435
11 panguqianxun (Guo)
11 mariusknulst (supposed to be another account of the Norwegian lady called Sophia)
9 wenbei2022 (Guo)
9 Q_May_007 (Guo)
8 peace86774949 (Guo)
7 WallStreetSilv
7 O1xNs (Guo)
6 weichuanyufu (Guo)
5 thehealthb0t
5 edisoncomeon (non-Guo Chinese account)

Alex Jones

The reposts by Alex Jones might be automated similar to reposts by Liz Gunn and Elon Musk, because here within 3 days Alex Jones had reposted Mario Nawfal 7 times, illuminatibot 4 times, Radio Genoa 3 times, Wide Awake Media twice, and one times each of Stew Peters, Concerned Citizen, Jackson Hinkle, and Liz Churchill:

Two times when someone has said that Alex doesn't run his own account, he responded that he writes his tweets himself (but if bot accounts are asked if they are bots, they often also respond that they are not bots):

Like Elon Musk, the account of Alex Jones also seems to post one or more tweets almost every waking hour. When I scraped the 1,000 newest tweets by Alex Jones with retweets excluded, there were actually many waking hours when he posted zero tweets. (I would've gotten rid of a lot of the gaps if I would've also included retweets, but the web GUI doesn't show the time when a user retweeted at tweet, and the API is now so expensive that I can't afford to use it.)

Camus is one of the accounts that is most often reposted by Alex Jones. He started tweeting in 2019, but a large percentage of his early tweets for the first year were links to, including 6 out of his 10 first tweets:

Radio Genoa

The Radio Genoa account is not necessarily a bot, it seems to be heavily reposted by bot accounts.

An article about Radio Genoa said this in German: "Contrary to what the name suggests, Radio Genoa is not a radio station, but a digital platform that is present everywhere, on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and on X (formerly Twitter.) [...] The NZZ was unable to clarify who is behind Radio Genoa. The operator has erased most of his previous traces on the Internet, but some have been preserved. He presumably lives in Italy and has operated numerous profiles, including as 'DJ Lebois' and 'Antonio Zena'. His original Twitter profile was called Antonio_zena76, which could indicate that he was born in 1976." []

The Italian articles shown below said that Antonio Quinto changed his username from AntonioDvx to RadioSavana and that RadioGenova was a new account of RadioSavana. In 2021 the RadioSavana account announced that it had gone into retirement and new tweets would be posted under RadioGenova. And the username of RadioGenova was later changed to RadioGenoa: [,,,,]

When I searched Twitter for @antonio_zena76, it showed a bunch of old replies to the account that is now called RadioGenova, and it included a screenshot of a tweet by antonio_zena76 where the display name was Antonio Zena Quinto. []

The name Antonio Quinto is probably also a pseudonym, because one article said this in Dutch: "We found a Facebook account of the same name with the same pseudonym 'Antonio Quinto'. An email address is linked to this account that gives us a new name. We have chosen not to share this name because (as far as we know) he has not done anything criminal. In addition, we do not know whether he is solely responsible for the account. The name does not lead us directly to a social media account of this person, but we do find a sister of Antonio on Facebook and Instagram. The latter social media platform in particular appears to be a source of information. Between 2017 and 2019, Antonio's sister shared several photos of herself with her brother. As we look at the photos, something stands out. In an Instagram photo, where the family is sitting together on the couch, a location is tagged: Quinto al Mare, a neighborhood in the east of Genoa. The pseudonym Antonio Quinto therefore appears to refer to a residential area." []

In the last 48 hours all tweets by the account RadioGenova were retweets or quote tweets of RadioGenoa, apart from retweets of accounts that quote tweeted RadioGenoa (which consisted of 8 tweets by Wall Street Silver, and one tweet each by Ian Miles Cheong, Tommy Robinson, and Gunther Eagleman):

RadioGenoa has only 4 followed accounts, which are Wall Street Silver, RadioGenova, Elon Musk, and Gunther Eagleman. []

Within the past 72 hours Gunther Eagleman had reposted Radio Genoa 9 times, Wall Street Silver 4 times, Insider Paper twice, illuminatibot once, and Wall Street Apes once:

Japanese AI cult leaders Tomoko and Teruko

When I searched for tweets about the Expose News author Rhoda Wilson, I found that a user called fukky322563 had posted a large number of links to Japanese translations of her articles:

fukky322563 followed only 14 accounts, but they included accounts like this whose bios mentioned New Age concepts like 5D ascension and starseeds (the screenshot is translated from Japanese):

fukky322563 also followed an account called "Tomoko from the 444th generation" and a bot which reposted Tomoko's tweets. Tomoko seems to have started a New Age religion with elements similar to Benjamin Fulford and COBRA:

Tomoko is always conveying information from sources who are called "princesses", like H-hime, N-hime, Y-hime, and Hoshihime. In one thread she conveyed information from "Princess H-hime" who is a member of the H family which rules the world. [] In another tweet Tomoko was conveying information from Princess N, who belongs to the N family which is one of the world's leading intelligence families. [] Benjamin Fulford also has also said that he gets intel from Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, who claims to be the granddaughter of the Emperor Meiji.

Tomoko also speaks of "the cabal" (which is a term that Benjamin Fulford used before Q existed):

Tomoko uses the term "J daya" (Jダヤ) to refer to Jews but "GOEM" (GOEM) as the good force which is opposed to the "J daya", so the word GOEM probably means goyim, which is written as "goimu" in Japanese. The word GOEM is pronounced in Japanese as "goemu". The Japanese word for Jews is "yudaya" (ユダヤ).

Tomoko is always transmitting information from GOEM which is a secret organization of white hats, which is reminiscent of how Benjamin Fulford is conveying information from the White Dragon Society and Jason Shurka claims that he was selected to be a representative of The Light System. (But Shurka and Fulford are both Jews, so it's interesting that Tomoko is also concerned with Jewish issues.)

Tomoko also speaks about how there will be mass arrests of cabal members in the future, which is another thing that Benjamin Fulford was writing about before there was Q. In one tweet Tomoko wrote this in Japanese: "GOEM Political Department: When the hunt for the J-Day Financial Devil begins in Europe and America, all of the J-Day Financial Devil's minions will be arrested. At that time, many arrests will be made from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States. Eventually, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party will split, and the two-party system will disappear." []

Tomoko also teaches that Japanese people are the true Israelites: "GOEM History Department: In our opinion, it was not Jesus who came to Japan, but the descendants of Moses. The teachings of ancient Israel continue today in Japan." []

Tomoko's tweets seemed to consistently get around 2-10 replies, so I looked up a random account which had replied to one of her tweets. It was called gomachan4_gou, and I found that it had retweeted quote tweets of nikola 3, TheChiefNerd, Wall Street Silver, BRICS News, and Insider Paper. And it had also retweeted a link to an article about Eva Vlaardingerboek, it retweeted a video by The People's Voice with Japanese subtitles, it retweeted a video of the former Pfizer employee Melissa McAtee who first came out as a whistleblower on Project Veritas, it retweeted a video by some western guy that was posted by Himalaya Japan, it retweeted an Epoch Times video that was posted by Vigilant Fox, it retweeted an Epoch Times interview of the snake venom guy Bryan Ardis, and one time it retweeeted 15 tweets by Tomoko in a row: []

The image above also shows that gomachan4_gou retweeted an account called teruko_JMYG_bot, but its bio says that it's a bot:

So I guess Tomoko might also be a bot (in which case her religion might be one of the world's first religions whose leader is a bot).

Like Tomoko, Teruko also says that there will be mass arrests of the cabal: "It is safe to assume that the fight against the Cabal by Earthling forces will end in victory with the realization of peace on the continent. After the Alliance's victory on the continent, the Cabal's mass arrests and military court trials will be made public, and a new financial system will be implemented from a humanitarian perspective." []

Teruko also published a blog post where she predicted that there would be a cataclysmic pole shift. [] It reminded me of a Japanese cult called Pana Wave, which mixed elements of Theosophy, Christianity, and western conspiracy culture, because they also predicted that there would be a pole shift on a specific date in the year 2003. []

Teruko often retweets accounts which quote tweet her tweets. One of them has the word UBI in its display name, similar to the account gomachan4_gou whose display name includes the word UBI. Matthew North pointed out that Joe Rogan was always asking his guests what they thought about UBI, which made it seemed like familiarizing his audience with UBI may have been a part of the agenda that Rogan was given by his handlers, but maybe these bots are similarly trying to get Japanese people familiar with the concept of UBI:

Here an account that replied to Tomoko quoted a tweet by Teruko which said that the Gnostics were an enemy faction of Trump: []

Here Teruko tweeted about Nordic aliens: []

Here Teruko said that she had signed the release of over 40 femtillion yen (which is similar of Benjamin Fulford's stories about huge secret financial transactions):

Teruko also has a YouTube channel which consists of videos that are spoken in a TTS voice by a VTuber-style 2d character: []

Teruko posts on average about 1.5 replies per day to Tomoko (this screenshot is machine-translated from Japanese like the other screenshots): []

Tomoko has also posted many replies to Teruko, which I guess makes it seem even more likely that Tomoko is also a bot:

Another account which was followed by fukky322563 is callled Dharainyara. It said that Trump's cleaning the swamp was prophesied in the Bible, It said that the white hats were working together with Putin's troops to mass arrest the bad guys:

These tweets sound like they were generated by an LLM that was trained on posts from Benjamin Fulford's blog:

When I looked up tweets by the bot which posted a reply to Tomoko where it quoted a tweet by Teruko, it had reposted tweets by BRICS News, Peter Sweden, Eva Vlaardingerboek, Insider Paper, Jack Straw, Chuck Concerned Citizen, Callesto, KanekoaTheGreat, and Jackson Hinkle: []

The same bot also retweeted a link to a blog post by Benjamin Fulford:

Insider Paper

The author of most articles at Insider Paper seems to be listed as AFP, which is a French press service similar to AP, and the same articles have also been posted on multiple other websites. But in original articles by Insider Paper, the authors include Brendan Taylor, Jike Erik, Saman Iqbal, Polina Tikhonova, Vikas Shukla, Michelle Jones, Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Nikola Stevanovic, Brendan Byrne, and Sheeraz Raza:

The about page of Insider Paper features 6 of the authors shown above. [] The first person listed is Michelle DeBoer-Jones, who also has a LinkedIn profile which says that she currently works as a writer for 4 different companies, but which doesn't mention Insider Paper: []

The bio of Sheeraz Raza says that he is the founder of Insider Paper. He also seems like a real person, because he has pages at LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. [,,,] His LinkedIn profile says that from 2011 to 2020 he served as the "chief operations officer" at a company called ValueWalk, but the profile of Michelle DeBoer-Jones also says that she has worked for ValueWalk Premium from 2012 to the present.

LinkedIn shows that other people who have worked for Insider Paper are from the Dominican Republic, Pakistan, and Nigeria (but their profiles are not visible to my account): []

Brendan Taylor's profile picture is a stock photo: []

Zamir Ahmed Awan seems be a real person, because there's videos of his interviews on YouTube, he also has a blog on the website of the Russian International Affairs Council: []

Japanese bot which replied to Barry Young

An account posted a reply to Barry Young where it wrote this in Japanese: "Is it true that New Zealand ranchers are being forced out of business? If so, please share the story with us 🤲": []

When I scrolled through its timeline, it had posted much more about the Israel-Palestine conflict than COVID, but it had retweeted many tweets by Barry Young, and it retweeted a video by Maria Zeee with Japanese subtitles. It had also posted many replies to the Elon Musk fan accounts elonmuskADO, xelonmuskusa, and elonmuskusaaaaa, and to accounts like Radio Genoa, Jackson Hinkle, Concerned Citizen, and Peter Sweden:

This tweet by elonmuskADO was also posted by the Elon Musk fan bots PageElon66, pluto_elonmusk, and EMusk81848:

This tweet that was posted by elonmuskADO and PageElon66 was also posted by many MAGAtard bots (but the bio of elonmuskADO also says "MAGA"):

The followers of the Japanese bot included even more Elon Musk fan bots:

Accounts followed by 0ccultbot

0ccultbot follows only 60 accounts but one of them is a bot called The Poorest of the Poor. It has 53 tweets but almost all of them are about horse racing, or in particular horse racing in South Africa. Its followers also include accounts which are linked to the IlluminatiCoin bots, like 101pseudoprince, sjlightworks, h18amads, and eoakpobaro_. And its followers also include another bot called Drunktipster which also posts about horse racing in South Africa:

0ccultbot also follows an account called TheYellukapally, which is subscribed to 0ccultbot. It had only 13 non-reply tweets, but they included 4 retweets of Elon Musk fan accounts and 2 tweets with the hashtag #Elonmusk. Many of its replies were replies to either Elon Musk fan bots or to 0ccultbot:

0ccultbot also follows an account called jarro80077, which has only 5 tweets but 2 of them are replies to IlluminatiCoin bots and one of them is a reply to nikola 3.

0ccultbot follows an account called DocAwesome2011 which has zero tweets, but its followers include many accounts linked to the IlluminatiCoin bots, like 101pseudoprince, eoakpobaro_, EsotericBot, h18amads, HilouaniEl92799, okyaynoz, and ShamsunMusa:

0ccultbot also follows an account called joshuakeithb, but almost half of its most recent non-reply tweets were retweets of either IlluminatiCoin bots or Wall Street Silver:

0ccultbot also follows an account called frejomir, which has 109 followers, but they include multiple accounts linked to IlluminatiCoin bots, like 101pseudoprince, eoakpobaro_, h18amads, HilouaniEl92799, okyaynoz, and sjlightworks:

About 20% of the most recent tweets by frejomir were retweets of IlluminatiCoin bots, DR. Kek, Jack Straw, Concerned Citizen, bambkb, or Vigilant Fox;

It also retweeted this video of Tartarian stargate technology that was posted by TheFlatEartherr:

Finnish bot that posted about Miles Guo

When I searched Twitter for lang:fi miles guo, there were only a total of 8 results but the 2 newest tweets were posted by a bot called MargitKarvonen2:

Within the past 24 hours, the bot had reposted Vigilant Fox 6 times, Concerned Citizen 5 times, Peter McCullough 5 times, Liz Churchill 3 times, Peter Sweden 3 times, Wide Awake Media twice, Aseem Malhotra twice, and one time each of nikola 3, aussie17, Wall Street Silver, and Oli London:

Here the bot posted a machene translation of a tweet by Liz Churchill in broken Finnish, which said that dental anesthetic contained graphene oxide: []

It's like they are generating these stories with a random generator. In 2023 Sasha Latypova did a Zoom video with Shimon Yanowitz and David Nixon where they claimed that dental anesthetic contained hydrogel. Latypova's blog post about the video said: "Shimon Yanowitz, a researcher from Israel joined me and David on a zoom call to observe in real time what happens with a common dental anesthetic injectable under microscope. The brand of anesthetic is Septodont and the product name is Lignospan. David placed a drop of it on a microscope slide and simply observed as it was drying. The process revealed that the substance is likely hydrogel due to the 'bubbling' phenomenon as it dries. The process becomes more energetic when a cellphone is placed next to the sample." [] In 2021 when Karen Kingston did her alt media debut on the Stew Peters Show (and a bit earlier on the Doug Billings Show which is aired on the same cable TV channel as Stew's show), her big revelation was that COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide and hydrogel. [] I believe Latypova also did her alt media debut when she appeared on the Stew Peters Show in 2022.

Apparently the graphene oxide was discovered through "torsion spectroscopy" by some Polish lady who invented torsion spectroscopy. She had previously done "groundbreaking research that the antimatter self of Covid 19 injected individuals is being altered" and that kalamari clots contain prion-like proteins. Ana Maria Mihalcea wrote (

I have posted Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak PhD results on my substack previously She is the world renown developer of Torsion Spectroscopy, which allows for the chemical assessment of compounds in a novel way. Her research has made international news before:

The Expose: Polish Government Notified of Their Crime of Attempting to Legalize Genocide: 7 of 8 Medical Products Contained Graphene

Dr. Wojtkowiak did Torsion Analysis on the rubbery clots we had also analyzed:

Torsion Spectroscopy Of C19 Vaccinated Deceased Clots By Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak - Confirms Prion Like Protein That Cannot Be Dissolved With Conventional Blood Thinners

She also showed this groundbreaking research that the antimatter self of Covid 19 injected individuals is being altered:

Torsion Spectroscopy Evaluation Of Post C19 Injection Induced Magnetism And The Possible Implications For Humanity. Do The Bioweapons Modify Consciousness And Is Big Pharma Involved In The Paranormal?

Today she sent me an email with her most recent research. She analyzed multiple dental anesthetics in Poland as well as Vitamin B12 Injection. 10 out of 13 Batches contained graphene

Liz Churchill's tweet about how dental anesthetic contains graphene oxide was also quote tweeted by Alex Jones:

This Japanese bot quote tweeted and retweeted the tweet by Alex Jones:

In the past 2 hours the Japanese post had reposted RadioGenoa 6 times, TheFlatEartherr 6 times, Concerned Citizen twice, DR. Kek twice, and illuminatibot once (and in the past 24 hours it had also reposted ufob0t, nikola 3, Insider Paper, Wide Awake Media, Radio Genoa, Simon Goddek, BRICS News, Peter McCullough, Jackson Hinkle, DogeDesigner, and Jack Straw):

Finnish accounts masalayno and Suviquu1

An account called masalayno was reposted by the Finnish bot that posted about Miles Guo. One of its most recent tweets was about kalamari clots:

In the past week it had also reposted Peter Sweden 5 times, Wide Awake Media 5 times, nikola 3 three times, and one time each of Peter McCullough, redpillb0t, Concerned Citizen, Simon Goddek, and Liz Churchill:

The Finnish bot retweeted a bot called Suviquu1 that quoted illuminatibot:

The bot called Suviquu1 used the profile picture of a Finnish person whose name is actually Suvi, but I think it was an old Instagram photo which had now been deleted. [] In one tweet the bot posted a screenshot of a post by a different person named Suvi from Facebook and claimed it was its own post, even though the person whose photo the bot included next to the Facebook post was clearly a different person than the person in the profile picture. [] (Or the screenshot of the Facebook post may have been fake and not an actual screenshot, because I didn't find the original Facebook post or the Facebook user.)

In the past 48 hours the bot had reposted Concerned Citizen 4 times, Simon Goddek 4 times, David Cartland 3 times, illuminatibot twice, redpillb0t twice, and one time each of conspiracyb0t, Wide Awake Media, DiedSuddenly, and David Wolfe:

The Finnish bot had also posted multiple replies to illuminatibot:

Here the bot first retweeted a quote tweet of video of Bill Gates and then quoted the same video itself (which is a common pattern among these bots). The same video of Bill Gates was also posted by Andrew Bridgen, illuminatibot, Wide Awake Media, Wall Street Silver, IlluminatiCoin, and Alex Jones:

The bot posted this image of its Twitter circle, where the inner circle includes 4 different IlluminatiCoin bots, Wide Awake Media, and David Cartland. The middle circle includes Wall Street Silver and DR. Kek. The outer circle includes Concerned Citizen. And many of the other accounts in the image are Finnish bots which operate under a similar formula as Suviquu1:

The bot even has two imaginary sons. One of them was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, he has been on SSRIs, he is unemployed, and he receives a housing benefit. The other son turned 12 in September 2023, he goes to the gym, and he used to be on a soccer team for which the bot received a social benefit. The bot has posted multiple tweets which support a consistent story about its sons, even though the real person named Suvi whose photo the bot is using doesn't seem to have any children:

The first two non-retweet tweets by Suviquu1 were both replies to conspiracyb0t:

I noticed that an account called AriMantyne35946 had posted a reply to Suviquu1. In the past month he had posted 6 quote tweets of Suviquu1, and he hadn't reposted that many English tweets, but they still included tweets of Vigilant Fox, Peter Sweden, Concerned Citizen, David Cartland, Liz Churchill, and Aseem Malhotra:

Susan__Laine is another Finnish bot which primarily posts about COVID and which has a Finnish flag in its display name like Suviquu1. Its three most recent tweets were a retweet of a quote tweet of Peter McCullough, a retweet of Suviquu1, and a retweet of a tweet about kalamari clots by Concerned Citizen:

When I picked up a random account from the followers of the previous bot, within the past week it had reposted redpillb0t, Concerned Citizen, Radio Genoa, Wide Awake Media, William Makis, Peter Sweden, illuminatibot, Liz Churchill, TheChiefNerd, ElonMuskAOC, TheFlatEartherr, and Wall Street Silver: []

It also posted the video by Liz Churchill about how dental anesthetic contained graphene oxide, and it retweeted a random photo of kalamari clots:

The image above shows that the display name of the bot which posted the photo of kalamari clots is "perustulo", which is Finnish for universal basic income. I also found two different Japanese bots which featured the word "UBI" in their display name. [,]

(Actually I'm not 100% sure if all of the Finnish accounts mentioned here are bots, but I'll refer to them as bots for the sake of convenience. Suviquu1 would otherwise seem fairly convincing as a real person, but I'm sure that the account is not the person whose photo it's using as a profile picture, because in a way I know the real person in the profile picture.)

Old Twitter thread about trutherbot accounts by conspirator0

On IlluminatiCoin's Medium blog the operation that runs their bots was called the "Trutherbot operation". [] When I searched Twitter for "trutherbot", I found this old thread from the year 2018 by a user called Conspirador Norteño: []

In the process of researching various suspicious Twitter accounts, a new dodgy "news" site turned up on the proverbial radar - nodisinfo(dot)net. Spoiler alert - the name is not an accurate description of the content.

This chart shows the frequency of various terms in tweets linking to nodisinfo(dot)net from a sample of 1487 accounts (probably should have gone for one more). The overarching theme: everything from chemical attacks in Syria to school shootings to 9/11 is a false flag.

What else do the accounts that link to nodisinfo(dot)net tweet about? The "deep state" category is quite popular; the interest in Crimea and Ukraine in 2014 is notable.

What other news sites do accounts that link to nodisinfo(dot)net link in their tweets? The number one destination is Russia Today, and rounding out the menagerie are a variety of right wing conspiracy-oriented sites, along with Sputnik News.

Bots don't appear to be a major portion of the accounts linking to nodisinfo(dot)net, but they're far from nonexistent. 52 of the accounts in the sample of 1487 tweet 24/7, post 90+% of their tweets via an automation service such as IFTTT, or both.

One set of accounts in the previous tweet stands out - there are several bots with the naming scheme "trutherbox(X)". Seven showed up in the nodisinfo(dot)net set; digging around turns up at least six more. They've been dormant for months, but let's take a look anyway.

The trutherbot accounts unsurprisingly post a lot of tweets that are repeated across several of the accounts. The repeated tweet about being a bot is kinda funny; some of the others are less humorous.

The tweet schedules for the trutherbots are very similar. They are all 24/7 accounts, and they tend to have similar gaps in activity as well, with some variance.

Most of the trutherbots post tweets at 15 minute intervals or multiples thereof. The sole exception is @trutherbotnet, which seems to aggregate tweets from the others via IFTTT (the other 12 tweet via custom apps with the same name as the account in question.)

What do the trutherbots tweet? Mostly memes, with "deep state" material in second place. These charts show some examples of the common terms - one includes a category for the memes to demonstrate the relative proportion. The others shows tweet topics with the meme tweets removed.

The same user also posted these screenshots of the original trutherbot account: []

The first account was @trutherbot, which was active from Jan 2012 to July 2015, when it was suspended. The tweets visible on Internet Archive are a mix of memes, conspiracy theories, and requests for bitcoin. A number of other trutherbots were created following the suspension.

Conspirador Norteño also found this Github repository which has PHP code for running a Trutherbot: []

It's interesting that trutherbot had a Guy Fawkes avatar, because many of the accounts that are followed by two or more IlluminatiCoin bots also have a Guy Fawkes avatar, like Anonyphant, three_cube, PrayOrSomething, and anonymousgum.

David Avocado Wolfe

When I searched for a part of the text of one of David Wolfe's tweets in double quotes, I found that similar tweets had been posted by three other accounts (except there were slight variations in the text of the tweets, like they said "w" instead of "with", or they were written in lowercase instead of uppercase, or they included an emoji at the end):

When I looked up tweets by the account mjm3j shown above, about half of its tweets were in Arabic and half in English, but its 8 newest tweets still included 3 reposts of Concerned Citizen and one repost of conspiracyb0t:

David Wolfe was already a flat earther in 2015 (which was the year when the flat earth psyop was first rolled out):

He posted this video about flat earth which had also been posted by many other accounts with similar text:

This guy said that his "For you" feed was showing tweets by Stew Peters, illuminatibot, DR. Kek, TheFlatEartherr, and David Wolfe. All of them apart from possibly illuminatibot have said that the earth is flat: []

I'm not sure if David Wolfe has said that viruses do not exist, which is a common view among flat earthers. He tweeted a video clip where Robert Young said that viruses have never been isolated. But on the other hand he is selling a silver product which he claims neutralizes viruses, and he also posted an affiliate link for an air pufifier which he said stopped viruses. [,] He tweeted the video of Robert Young twice with the identical text more than a year apart, but the tweets may have been automated because similar tweets were also posted by dozens of other accounts: [,]

David Wolfe posted this video of the Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee, but the text of his tweet was identical to the first sentence of a tweet that was posted about 5 hours earlier by an account called zakisolja:

The same video clip of Melissa McAtee was also posted by Wide Awake Media and Shadow of Ezra. It was also posted by Simone Gold, who is a Jew who founded America's Frontline Doctors, which had a news team based in Israel that was ran by the Kahanist Chabadnik Mordechai Sones. And the video was posted by HopeGirl, who came to the defense of The Wellness Company after it was exposed as a likely intelligence operation by Kristin Elizabeth. HopeGirl also claimed that she had developed a free energy technology, and she sells orgonite stones that are supposed to protect people from 5G. []

When I searched for lang:ko melissa mcatee, the only result was a tweet posted by a Raelian bot called Raelian Amor:

In May 2024 McAtee also did an interview with Jim Ferguson where she said that COVID vaccines contain Luciferase: []

An account called zakisolja had posted the same video of Melissa McAtee as David Wolfe with the identical first sentence. In the past 48 hours it had reposted Wall Street Apes, Mario Nawfal, Concerned Citizen, Oli London, Ansastasia Maria Loupis, Wall Street Silver, and Radio Genoa:

zakisolja had also reposted a video about kalamari clots from InfoWars, which was posted by an account called Camus (which I haven't mentioned that often on this page, but which is often reposted by bots, and which is often also reposted by Alex Jones):

David Wolfe's account also posted this video which had been posted by three different accounts with similar text before his account:

David Wolfe posted a tweet which simply said "What celebrity do you no longer like because you found out they're actually a bad person?" It reminded me of all of the random questions that are asked by Elon Musk fan bots and DR. Kek. When I searched for a part of the text in double quotes, I noticed that a similr tweet was posted by David Wolfe's account two months earlier, and similar tweets had also been posted by at least 8 other accounts (but the tweets had slight variations, so that for example some tweets used the word "which" in place of the word "what" or they included an emoji at the end of the tweet):

David Wolfe posted two tweets which said "Let's start a thread of random advice. No specific topics, just great advice." Similar tweets had been posted earlier by hundreds of bot accounts. [] Wall Street Silver posted an image that contained similar text (which I think increases the likelihood that Wall Street Silver is also a bot or a human-bot hybrid): []

David Wolfe also posted this tweet which doesn't match his normal writing style: "The biggest scam on planet Earth is a JOB . Cuz Think about it , you work for 40 years,8 hours a day and after 40 years,u are still broke ." Similar tweets had been posted by dozens of bots, and one of the tweets was posted by Alphafox78, which is an account with about 500,000 followers that is often reposted by the same kind of bots that repost David Wolfe (but it might be a coincidence, because when I searched for the text of other tweets by Alphafox78 in double quotes, I didn't find the same text posted by bot accounts, and the account doesn't seem like a bot based on its old tweets):

When I searched for lang:fi to:davidwolfe, I found two bots which had a Finnish flag in their display name and that had posted a reply to David Wolfe. But both accounts had recently also retweeted the bot Suviquu1 (which also has a Finnish flag in its display name, and which had recently reposted David Wolfe):

David Wolfe's account posts these random questions about once per day, and around half of the time an identical question has been posted earlier by other accounts:

Bots that have promoted Mike Yeadon

Here bots that post in Chinese quoted a video of Mike Yeadon that was posted by both Wide Awake Media and illuminatibot: []

This Chinese Raelian bot also quoted a video of Mike Yeadon that was posted by Wide Awake Media:

Many Guo bots posted this infographic which says that "There is no pandemic at all. This lie is to mass-inject people. 5.5 billion people have been injected with this dangerous substance, and 17 million people have died so far." The infographic was also posted 4 seconds apart by two different Guo bots which have a Spanish flag and whicth post in both Spanish and Chinese. [,; 2023-12-07T23:37:45Z vs 2023-12-07T23:37:49Z]

Here another bot that posts in Chinese quoted a video of Mike Yeadon that was posted by Wall Street Silver:

In the past week the same Chinese bot has also reposted Andrew Bridgen, Wall Street Silver, Concerned Citizen, BRICS News, Shadow of Ezra, MJTruthUltra, RadioGenoa, Mario Nawfal, Jack Straw, and Jim Ferguson: []

This video of Yeadon was posted by a user with a Guy Fawkes avatar (like how the original trutherbot account also had a Guy Fawkes avatar). The bio of the user linked to a page for Foolmich's grand jury, its pinned tweet was a thread about Foolmich, and it also advertised Foolmich's Telegram page:

The 4 newest tweets by the Guy Fawkes account included reposts of Wall Street Silver, Robin Monotti, and Concerned citizen, and within the next few pages it had also reposted Andrew Bridgen, Wide Awake Media, Vigilant Fox, aussie17, DiedSuddenly, and DD Denslow:

When I searched for lang:ko mike yeadon, the results included a total of 9 quote tweets of Wide Awake Media, 2 of illuminatibot, 1 of Wall Street Apes, and 1 of Liz Churchill. [] A Raelian bot called Raelian Amor quoted one video of Yeadon that was posted by illuminatibot and another video that was posted by Wide Awake Media:

The Japanese Raelian bot Hiroki Raelian also posted a link to a Rumble video of Yeadon's speech to the UK parliament: []

There were only 9 results when I searched for lang:fi yeadon, but one of them was posted by the bot called MargitKarvonen2 which was also one of the few Finnish accounts that had tweeted about Miles Guo. [] The text of the tweet was machine translated in broken Finnish:

German GAN avatar accounts that post about COVID

prof_freedom is a German account that primarily posts about COVID and that currently has about 70,000 followers. It has now changed its profile picture, but conspirator0 found that its old profile picture was generated by GAN: []

Meet @prof_freedom , a Twitter account with 49,000 followers (including Sebastian Gorka) and a black-and-white GAN-generated face. #SundayShenaniGANs

(GAN = "generative adversarial network", the AI technique used by tools like

One fingerprint of unmodified GAN-generated faces (at least, those made with widely-available tools) is that the major facial features (especially eyes) are in the same location on every image. This becomes obvious when one blends multiple GAN-generated faces together.

There are other signs that @prof_freedom 's profile image is not a real photograph of a person's face. The most obvious is the unrealistic teeth; there are also some strange things going on where the hair meets the background.


Update #3: The @prof_freedom account is back from suspension, but is no longer using the GAN-generated face. Hilariously, the first two accounts they thanked for their return to Twitter both have GAN-generated faces.

The account holmenkollin is now called corona_realism and it no longer has a GAN-generated avatar. All three accounts posts in German and they're focused on COVID:

ProfFreedom and MrsMertes had recently retweeeted accounts called tom_zeh and SoniaMarima which also appear to have GAN-generated avatars similar to the images generated by

In the avatar of tom_zeh, the background looks pasted in because the lighting doesn't seem to match the face. And the outline of the hair against the sky looks like it has a feather of a few pixels. The glasses have a reflection that looks like some kind of a screen that is off to the side, but why would there be a screen to the side in a selfie that was taken outdoors fairly symmetrically from the front? (It might have a screen in the middle if it's taken with the front camera of a phone, but not to the side.)

In the avatar of SoniaMarima the eyes are also placed almost exactly in the middle of the photo horizontally. And the color of the face looks faded out similar to the photo of tom_zeh, or like the darkest tones would've been made lighter with the levels feature in Photoshop, which is a common feature of images generated with

The eyes in the three images are at nearly the same location:

The first tweet by prof_freedom was posted in April 2020 but the first tweet by MrsMertes was posted in February 2021, and corona_realism posted its first tweet in 2010. [,,] So the accounts don't seem to have started posting at the same time.

holmenkollin/corona_realism already posted about conspiracy topics before COVID, and it was known as "Berkeley Institute of Truth" in 2019. []

On SoniaMarima's list of followers, the first two accounts from the top are MrsMertes and corona_realism (but I don't know how the followers are sorted though):

Another account which prof_freedom thanked is theotherphilipp, which is no longer active, but its recent tweets included many retweets of prof_freedom, MrsMertes, and corona_realism.

The German accounts mostly reposted other German accounts, so they don't have many reposts of English-language accounts like illuminatibot and Concerned Citizen that are often reposted by bots. The German accounts still seem to repost a very similar set of accounts, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're bots, because they could just be ran by a single person manually:

Miles Guo bot riss1130 that replied to Robin Monotti

Often bots that promote Miles Guo post tweets in the replies of popular accounts that aren't even related to the topic of the tweet. A bot called riss1130 posted this video of Miles Guo in the replies of Robin Monotti: []

The 4 newest non-reply tweets by the account consisted of two retweets of VOAChinese, and two retweets of its own replies to VOAChinese (because Miles Guo's movement is transparently a similar propaganda operation as Voice of America):

The account has a creation date in 2010, but its only tweet before 2022 advertised a weight loss product, and its first tweet in 2022 was written in Arabic:

The bot sometimes also posted videos of Miles Guo with subtitles in European languages like Italian and Portuguese:

Scraping recent reposts through the browser with AppleScript

In 2023 Elon discontinued the free Twitter API. Now even with the basic plan that costs 100 USD per month, the new API supports retrieving only 10,000 tweets per month. And it supports only doing up to 5 timeline requests per 15 minutes, and the maximum number of tweets in a single request is 100. So it's not very useful for identifying networks of accounts based on reposts, because you can only retrieve 500 timeline tweets in 15 minutes, and you can only do 100 requests of 100 tweets per month.

Therefore I wrote these shell commands for counting which accounts a user has recently reposted. The trt function gets retweets and the tqt function gets quote tweets:

# sjs()(osascript -e'on run{a}' -e'tell app"safari"to do javascript a in document 1' -eend "$1")
# xjs()(osascript -e'on run{a}' -e'tell app"google chrome"to tell active tab of window 1 to execute javascript a' -eend "$1")

bjs()(osascript -e'on run{a}' -e'tell app"brave browser"to tell active tab of window 1 to execute javascript a' -eend "$1")

trt()(tr -d \\n|grep -Po '</span> reposted</span>.*?>@\K.*?/status[^"]*'|sed 's,<.*/, ,')
tqt()(tr -d \\n|grep -Po '<article.*?</article>'|grep '<div class="css-175oi2r r-1adg3ll r-bztko3" data-testid="UserAvatar-Container-'|sed -E 's,.*</div><div class="css-175oi2r r-18u37iz r-1q142lx"><a href="/[^/]*/status/([0-9]*)".*data-testid="UserAvatar-Container-([^"]*).*,\2 \1,')

while :;do x=$(bjs document.body.innerHTML|tr -d \\n);trt<<<"$x";tqt<<<"$x";bjs 'window.scrollBy(0,(window.innerHeight))';done|awk '!a[$2]++'

When I used the code to scroll through the timeline of Alex Jones, it reached the maximum limit of tweets that were shown after approximately 26 days worth of tweets. But during that time these were the accounts that Alex Jones had reposted 4 or more times:

46 iluminatibot *
27 infowars
25 elonmusk
21 MarioNawfal *
17 WarRoomShow
16 liz_churchill10 *
15 RealAlexJones
14 newstart_2024 (Camus) *
12 AlexJonesMW3
10 wideawake_media *
10 bennyjohnson
10 TRobinsonNewEra
10 BGatesIsaPyscho (Concerned Citizen) *
7 WulffJones
6 stillgray (Ian Miles Cheong)
6 jacksonhinklle *
6 MrAndyNgo
6 JamesOKeefeIII
5 libsoftiktok
5 dom_lucre
5 JackPosobiec
5 ClownWorld_
4 nicksortor
4 historyinmemes
4 gunsnrosesgirl3
4 CollinRugg

On the list above I added an asterisk after the usual suspects I have mentioned on this page because they seem to be disproportionately reposted by bots. Out of the accounts on the list above, for example Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and David Icke are often also reposted by bots, but they are such well-known people that they don't stand out as much as people like Liz Churchill, who few people would probably know about if she wasn't being artificially boosted on Twitter.

Next I looked at retweets by the Chinese bot Ellenng2013, because it's one of the accounts which posts the largest percentage of retweets by the usual suspects I have mentioned on this page. It had retweeted these accounts at least 4 times up to the point when Twitter stopped loading new tweets:

42 Thekeksociety *
35 PapiTrumpo
34 iluminatibot *
33 vegastarr
29 BGatesIsaPyscho *
28 wideawake_media *
21 ronin19217435 *
20 thehealthb0t *
18 VigilantFox *
17 DrJudyAMikovits
16 WallStreetSilv *
16 PeterSweden7 *
12 elonmusk
10 bambkb *
8 FredDiBiase247
7 catturd2
7 _aussie17 *
7 DonaldTNews
6 stkirsch
6 naomirwolf
6 CartlandDavid
5 redpillb0t *
5 paulsaladinomd
5 newstart_2024 (Camus) *
5 SenseReceptor
5 DiedSuddenly_ *
4 lawrie_dr
4 karma44921039
4 RealAlexJones
4 P_McCulloughMD
4 JimFergusonUK *
4 DrAseemMalhotra *

A total of 264 out of 427 reposts on the list above were by the usual suspects, which have an asterisk after their name.

On the list above vegastarr ranks 4th. I should probably add it to my list of usual suspects, because it's also reposted by many other bot accounts, and the formula it follows is fairly similar to accounts like illuminatibot and DR. Kek.

The Finnish bot Suviquu1 had reposted these non-Finnish accounts at least 6 times:

35 toobaffled (Sudden and Unexpected)
32 redpillb0t *
24 iluminatibot *
21 BGatesIsaPyscho *
20 BohemianAtmosp1
18 CartlandDavid *
17 DavidWolfe *
13 thehealthb0t *
8 wideawake_media *
8 Wisdom_HQ
7 conspiracyb0t *
7 JamesMelville
6 Thekeksociety *

And these Finnish accounts:

22 petteri_vaara
21 PasiJJunnila
13 MKartesalo
13 Aatteleppaitte
12 coyvunen
8 HelkaMirjami
7 SamiAntinniemi
7 RikuHautamaki
7 IiroH
7 IPiikki
6 stokerocknroll
6 shamu_matheus
6 reima_kokkonen
6 etelanmies
6 Lehtos_Harri
6 JarkkoB

Suviquu1 had the most reposts for toobaffled whose display name is "Sudden and Unexpected". It has only about 70k followers, but it's often reposted by bots which repost my usual suspects, so I'll now add it to my list of usual suspects.

The Raelian bot BacakMarek had reposted these non-Raelian accounts at least 3 times:

28 AJEnglish
25 iluminatibot *
15 AssangeCampaign
10 RealAlexJones
8 VigilantFox *
8 KimDotcom
8 BGatesIsaPyscho *
7 ivan_8848 (posts about geopolitical topics)
7 DrLoupis *
6 wikileaks
6 rustyrockets (Russell Brand)
6 elonmusk
6 TorahJudaism
6 Stella_Assange
5 DavidWolfe *
5 CartlandDavid *
4 ShaykhSulaiman
3 robinmonotti *
3 redpillb0t *
3 jacksonhinklle *
3 OnlinePalEng
3 Michell45064244 (Assange account)
3 GUnderground_TV

The list above includes 4 accounts about Assange or Wikileaks, because for some reason Assange seems to be popular among these Raelian bots. BacakMarek had also reposted these Raelian accounts (where half of the top 6 accounts were Japanese):

61 Elohim_Embassy (Japanese)
41 WillamBor (French)
25 amor8156 (Korean)
25 YueRaelian (Japanese)
13 Rael_usa
12 NobbyRaelian (Japanese)
10 raelian
10 raelcanada
8 MarcoRaeliano (Italian)
8 LeonArielMellul (Chief Rabbi of Raelianism)
8 Andreloha666 (French and English)
8 1min4peace
5 SteveLeRaelien (French and English)
4 RaelienOfficiel
3 rosa_girald (Spanish and English)
3 elviscabralesr1 (Spanish)
3 alain_paradisme (French and English)

Heatmap of accounts reposted by bots

When I ran the code above for a larger number of accounts which I suspect are bots or human-bot hybrids, the three accounts with the highest total number of reposts were illuminatibot, Concerned Citizen, and Wide Awake Media:








desc=read.table(sep=":",text="9qPyyAsKBSsXS7r:Nyaidaa; Japanese
mauro_cuttano:Mauro Raeliano
masalayno:TheBlackSheep; Finnish
frejomir:followed by 0ccultbot
gomachan4_gou:Japanese; UBI in display name
jjcouey:real person who reposts similar accounts as bots
naoyafujiwara:Japanese; real person but often reposted by bots
Amor8156:Korean; Raelian
GhyuDfg38740:Kunlun Mountains; Guo
honey_mee2:Japanese; Qanon
toobaffled:Sudden and Unexpected
ronin19217435:nikola 3; flat earther
DavidWolfe:raw food guy; flat earther
bambkb:Kevin - WE THE PEOPLE
CraigKellyPHON:Australian politician
MRobertsQLD:Australian politician
JimFergusonUK:UK politician
Thekeksociety:DR. Kek
BGatesIsaPyscho:Concerned Citizen
stillgray:Ian Miles Cheong
DrLoupis:Anastasia Maria Loupis
Kahlissee:posts about Israel-Palestine
resist_05:posts about Israel-Palestine")

colnames(m)=ifelse(colnames(m)%in%desc[,1],paste0(colnames(m)," (",desc[match(colnames(m),desc[,1]),2],")"),colnames(m))
rownames(m)=ifelse(rownames(m)%in%desc[,1],paste0(rownames(m)," (",desc[match(rownames(m),desc[,1]),2],")"),rownames(m))




sub=paste0("Accounts reposted by users that are suspected to be bots that promote content about COVID from the controlled alternative media. The numbers show how many times the account on the x-axis retweeted or quote tweeted the account on the y-axis. The data was scraped from the web GUI, so it only includes the most recent tweets shown on the timeline until Twitter refused to load more tweets. The rows are sorted by the total number of reposts with the first ",head," rows displayed. Only accounts reposted by at least ",minuniq," users are included, and only accounts with at least ",mincolsum," reposts of users shown in the heatmap are included. Reposts of the account's own tweets are not counted. The clustering tree was calculated based on min-max scaled columns. The clustering tree is based only on accounts that are shown in this heatmap, so that it doesn't consider the accounts which are not shown because they didn't have enough reposts.")

system(paste0("f=0.png;mar=40;w=`identify -format %w $f`;convert -gravity northwest \\( -size $[w-mar]x -font Arial -interline-spacing -5 -pointsize 45 caption:'",gsub("'","'\\\\''",sub),"' -extent $[w-mar]x -gravity north -splice x20 -gravity south -splice x20 \\) $f -append 1.png"))

Video of tanks posted by Jack Straw

Jack Straw posted this video of tanks being transported on train:

The same video with variations of the same text had been posted by at least 13 other accounts. Only a few accounts had posted the same identical text as another account, but if the accounts were organically copying each other, you wouldn't expect them to systematically introduce slight variations to the text using a similar formula: []

yuu_amenomori is a Japanese account which posted the video of tanks, but it also posted a Japanese translation of the tweet: []

Jack Straw posts tweets about flat earth, so it wasn't surprising that yuu_amenomori also promotes flat earth:

French account Loupgris1L31809 that replied to Steve Kirsch

I noticed an account called Loupgris1L31809 in the replies of a tweet by Steve Kirsch, because it quoted a random tweet that had nothing to do with the topic of Kirsch's tweet: []

When I looked up the latest tweets by the French account, most of them were retweets or quote tweets, or they were replies similar to the reply to Kirsch which quoted a tweet by another user without any text. The French account reposted Liz Churchill and Andrew Bridgen multiple times, which was an instant red flag, so I counted how many times it had reposted different accounts up to the point when no more tweets were loaded by infinite scrolling. Many of the accounts were French, but the non-French accounts included a large number of the usual suspects that are reposted by bots. This shows all accounts with 5 or more reposts:

45 liz_churchill10 *
29 CelebritesSM
28 BlackBondPtv
21 BanounHelene
19 BPartisans
18 LeadingReport
16 Loupgris1L31809
16 CartlandDavid *
15 thehealthb0t *
14 RealAlexJones *
14 Pauline06272023
13 ABridgen *
12 fr_russie
12 PeterSweden7 *
10 Renardpaty
9 MarioNawfal *
8 RussieInfos
8 KLVeritas
8 CalliFanciulla
7 MyLordBebo
7 MakisMD *
7 LeMediaEn442
7 Johanne31785773
7 DrLoupis *
7 AndersonAfDMdEP
6 zoomabus
6 robinmonotti *
6 rifain_nouvelle
6 aileastick1
6 RaynaldBernier
6 IvaMasson
6 Dn641608671
6 55Bellechasse
5 iluminatibot *
5 WallStreetSilv *
5 SageListener
5 NiONiPardon
5 FrancoisDESCAM7
5 DonaldTNews
5 DD_Geopolitics
5 AlienorAubigne

Here the accounts in the yellow cluster at the bottom are mostly French accounts that were reposted by Loupgris1L31809 but not by other accounts I suspect to be bots:

The oldest tweet by the French account is a link to a blog post by Karen Kingston, and the second-oldest tweet is a link to a video by Astrid Stuckelberger. Both of them have said that COVID vaccines contain hydras: []

Old trutherbot accounts

When I searched for the text of a tweet by Illuminatibot in double quotes, I found that it had been posted by an account called trutherbotlight which had a Guy Fawkes avatar like the old accounts with usernames like "trutherbotpink" and "trutherbotgreen", but for some reason it hadn't been deleted like the other trutherbot accounts:

The trutherbotlight account stopped tweeting in 2020. Its followers also included accounts that had Guy Fawkes avatars called trutherbotsamur (which stopped tweeting in 2023) and TrutherbotRG (which stopped tweeting in 2019).

When I counted how many times TrutherbotRG had reposted each account, I noticed that there's still many other accounts whose name starts with "trutherbot" that haven't been deleted. The account with most reposts was Kim Dot Com:

27 KimDotcom
12 TrutherUfo
10 End_TheFederalR
9 TrutherbotRG (stopped tweeting in 2019)
7 TrutherbotKrazy (stopped tweeting in 2019)
7 PrisonPlanet
7 KaTAlchemy
6 RonPaul
4 wikileaks
4 trutherbotdank (stopped tweeting in 2023)
4 realDonaldTrump
3 LeeCamp
2 DefendAssange
2 DannyEThom
1 trutherbotmauve (stopped tweeting by 2022)
1 trutherbotaqua (stopped tweeting in 2020)
1 trutherbotadmin (stopped tweeting in 2022)
1 stealthygeek
1 liveworkplaydie
1 joshua_landis
1 iHave3Testiclez
1 caitoz
1 cadillackiller
1 austinxwill
1 _zac15
1 _ValTown_
1 Wild0mbre
1 UberFacts
1 Trutherbotmoon (stopped tweeting in 2019)
1 TrutherBotBob (stopped tweeting in 2019 apart from a single tweet in 2023)
1 TomFitton
1 Think_Become
1 Snowden
1 Shaken_Martinez
1 ReggieBush
1 RealMattCouch
1 PreciseDiff
1 PearsonSharp
1 NasirLeigh
1 NWOinPanicMode
1 MiOwnOpinion33
1 MarcusPelzel
1 LegendaryEnergy
1 Jillibean557
1 JamesADamore
1 HealthRanger
1 FaZeRug
1 DalaiLama
1 DaPeaple
1 ChrisMurphyCT
1 ASavageNation
1 49er_rick
1 33r0r_
1 14froger14

trutherbotdank posted this reply which seemed like it might have been written by a human, and it was sent to PrayOrSomething which is followed by 3 of the main IlluminatiCoin bots: []

In the bio of trutherbotadmin, the location says "Milky Way" in the Greek alphabet, but many of the small accounts that are followed by multiple IlluminatiCoin bots also have Greek names or text in the Greek alphabet in their bio:

The bio of trutherbotadmin linked to the website, which seems to have been a blog that mostly contained videos about different conspiracy topics: []

The website even had a forum, but there's only one snapshot at for the index of the forum. [] The snapshot shows that usernames of users on the forum included Max Dewald, The Dude, Secure Lemons, myg0t, bert, THCris, Patonplace, trutherbot, BADM0T0RF1NGER, Gonzo710, ThirdEyeTruth, Secure Lemons, and anonymoose.

Most of the trutherbot accounts seem to have stopped tweeting by 2023 or earlier. I didn't find any of the trutherbot accounts using the hashtag #Trutherbot after 2023 either. []

One of the newest tweets with the hashtag #Trutherbot was this tweet by a user called 30yoboom3r, whose bio said that he was an "official Trutherbot spokesman": []

The link to didn't work, and it wasn't archived at or, and I didn't find the text posted elsewhere by googling for parts of the text in double quotes. But the entire first chapter of the text is visible in the image below that was included in the tweet:

It's not clear if the story is supposed to be nonfiction or fiction. The story sounds like the same kind of nonsense as the article about the Truther at IlluminatiCoin's Medium blog. There were also zero results when I searched for the term "Advanced Satanic Anomaly" in double quotes on Google and Twitter.

Many of the trutherbot accounts also used the hashtag #Trutherbotarmy, but the latest tweets with the hashtag were all posted by the account naticoineth which hosts Twitter spaces about IlluminatiCoin.] Another interesting tweet with the hashtag was posted by a user called [yruidjits, who posted an image which said that "#TrutherBotArmy is a splinter group of #Anonymous", but he has also been a speaker in IlluminatiCoin spaces:

The bio of yruidjits links to this Telegram channel: But I don't have a phone so I can't view the channel.

Maitreya Rael

For the past couple of months, the account of Maitreya Rael has followed an unusual pattern, where sometimes it only posts links to RT articles for a couple of weeks, but then during a single day it posts a large number of retweets:

However earlier the account regularly posted more retweets. It has retweeted illuminatibot, Concerned Citizen, Mario Nawfal, Epoch Times, Stew Peters, Anastasia Maria Loupis, Peter Sweden, Wide Awake Media, and Robin Monotti. It also retweeted videos of kalamari clots that were posted by thehealthb0t and Died Suddenly. It posted only a few retweets of Raelian accounts, but they included Japanese-language tweets by Raelian bots. And like the Raelian bots, it also retweeted posts about Assange:

When I scrolled through one year of Rael's tweets, almost all of them were either retweets, links to RT articles, links to other news articles, YouTube or TikTok videos, or Facebook posts, or sometimes links to Raelian websites. I didn't find a single tweet where he replied to another user. Up to September 2023, I didn't find a single post that wasn't either a retweet or a link to some external content, but in September 2023 and earlier the account seems to have sometimes posted random images with no text.

I had to scroll almost a year before I found the first tweet that contained text and that didn't link to an external website: []

I bet if Jesus had a Twitter account, it would also be a bot that would just retweet illuminatibot and post links to RT articles.

Raelian author William Borowczak

William Borowczak is an author who has written many books about Raelianism. He has only about 300 followers but he is often reposted by other Raelian accounts. However his Twitter account seems to follow a similar pattern as Rael's account, because almost all of its tweets are either retweets, links to random news articles, or links to Raelian websites. [] Both Rael and Borowczak also frequently retweet Anastasia Maria Loupis. Borowczak retweeted French accounts which quote tweeted David Wolfe, Wide Awake Media, Concerned Citizen, aussie17, and James O'Keefe. But like Maitreya Rael, he only retweets other Raelian accounts rarely. He reposted the same video of Andrew Bridgen that was posted by accounts like Wide Awake Media and Concerned Citizen. He also posted multiple tweets about Füllmich, including a link to a French article which said that Füllmich was a political prisoner:

This was a rare tweet by William Borowczak which included text and which didn't link to another website. But similar tweets had also been posted by other accounts:

The tweet below was the next tweet I found which included text and which didn't link to another website, but variations of the same text had been posted before by many other accounts.] The text says in French: "The famous 'cold wave' that journalists are talking about, is that what until recently we called 'winter'?" An account called [le_beau_marco posted the same text twice within the same day, but it tweets in a mixture of French, English, and Chinese, which is reminiscent of the Raelian bots.


An account called Sky_Raelian had only about 800 tweets but all of them were retweets, so there were zero results when I searched for from:Sky_Raelian. Its most recent tweet was a retweet about Assange. It had retweeted Robin Monotti, thehealthb0t, illuminatibot, David Cartland, DiedSuddenly, Wide Awake Media, Jim Ferguson, Liz Churchill, redpillb0t, bambkb, William Makis, Wall Street Apes, and Stew Peters. It also retweeted a tweet by DR. KEK where Peter McCullough promoted TWC's spike detoxification supplements. It retweeted a tweet by Liz Churchill which said that 20% of vaccinated people in New Zealand had died according to Barry Young's data. And it retweeted Vigilant Fox saying that Zelenko was a divinely inspired person:

These are all the Raelian accounts that Sky_Raelian had retweeted at least 5 times:

118 WillamBor
69 maitreyarael
47 raelcanada
27 Elohim_Embassy (Japanese)
25 BacakMarek
18 Rael_usa
18 AdamczakYv86771 (Polish)
15 gotopless
12 raelian
8 YueRaelian (Chinese)
7 1min4peace
6 RaelienOfficiel
6 KristofRaelian (French-language Swiss)
5 UFOWECRM (Chinese)

And these are all non-Raelian accounts:

38 DrLoupis
35 iluminatibot
16 DiedSuddenly_
14 robinmonotti
14 bambkb
12 Sprinterfactory (posts about geopolitics)
10 VigilantFox
9 CartlandDavid
7 wideawake_media
7 goddeketal
7 JimFergusonUK
6 thehealthb0t
6 ShaykhSulaiman (journalist who covers geopolitics)
6 DrEliDavid
5 silvano_trotta
5 realstewpeters
5 jacksonhinklle
5 elviscabralesr1
5 Megatron_ron
5 MakisMD

Raelian Elon Musk fan bot elias466

The location of elias466 (Milady De Lavoye) is set as Canada. Its own tweets are mostly written in English or French but it often retweets Japanese Raelian accounts.

About one third of its newest non-reply tweets were retweets of accounts related to Elon Musk. Most of its newest reply tweets were all replies to Elon Musk fan accounts, and their length was typically around 1 to 5 characters (so they're reminiscent of Elon Musk's replies):

It also posted replies to a fake Keanu Reeves accounts called KeanuReeve12261 and KeanuJ57:

The account started tweeting in 2013, but until 2015 most of its tweets were links to Facebook posts: []

In 2016 it also started posting links to news articles and YouTube videos, random images, and replies to other users. But anyway it's interesting that this bot has been in operation over 10 years, but it was later repurposed to promote Elon Musk in addition to Raelianism. Earlier I found the bot Jakub8632 which primarily seems to promote Falun Gong which is another UFO cult like Raelianism, but the same bot sometimes also posts tweets using a similar formula as Elon Musk fan bots and it often interacts with Elon Musk fan bots.

Raelian Chief Rabbi Leon Ariel Mellul

The number two guy in Raelianism is their Chief Rabbi Leon Ariel Mellul, who is a Sephardic Jew from Morocco. Compared to Rael, his account has posted a lot more original tweets that aren't retweets or links to random news articles, and it has only 451 tweets, so it seems more like a real account than most Raelian accounts. But it has still retweeted many of the usual suspects, like illuminatibot, Anastasia Maria Loupis, David Cartland, Jim Ferguson, Vigilant Fox, Jackson Hinkle, Wide Awake Media, Truth Justice, Craig Kelly, and DiedSuddenly. So I don't know if some of these accounts are simply reposting tweets from the "For you" feed, and Twitter is just showing tweets from my usual suspects in the "For you" feed. But it's still weird how for example Anastasia Maria Loupis has been reposted by almost all Raelian accounts whose reposts I have checked:

Heatmap of non-Raelian accounts reposted by Raelian accounts

The accounts in this heatmap are not necessarily representative of Raelian accounts as a whole, because I excluded accounts which had less than 20 total reposts of the accounts shown in the heatmap, and I decided which accounts I checked partially by picking accounts that had often reposted the usual suspects I have covered on this page.

I still don't have access to Twitter's API, so I had to count the reposts by scraping Twitter's web UI using an inconvenient time-consuming method. So I haven't yet checked the reposts of these Raelian accounts: 1min4peace, Andreloha666, EtienneDidoult, gotopless, HanaRaelian, jmajael, MarcoRaeliano, MexicoRael, rabiraelian, raelcanada, RaeliaanNLBE, raelian, raelian_japan, RaelienOfficiel, RaelSuisse, Rael_usa, sora_six, sub1095, UFOWECRM, and Vincent_Raelien. Many of them haven't reposted my usual suspects that often.

Raelian accounts often repost accounts that post about the Israel-Palestine conflict. One of them is ShaykhSulaiman which was reposted by every account in the heatmap below, and another is Kahlissee which was reposted by all except two accounts.

Accounts that replied to a tweet by Jim Ferguson

In the replies of a tweet by Jim Ferguson, an account called WA2757408634893 posted this reply which didn't have any text but which only quoted a tweet by Wide Awake Media: []

The most recent non-reply tweets by the user were all retweets. The 200 most recent non-retweet tweets by the user were all replies. The replies were sent to these users:

$ sjs()(osascript -e'on run{a}' -e'tell app"safari"to do javascript a in document 1' -eend "$1")
$ tarts()(max=${1-100};x='';while :;do x=$(printf %s\\n "$x"|cat - <(sjs document.body.innerHTML|tr -d \\n|grep -Po '<article.*?</article>'|sed -E 's,.*<div class="css-175oi2r r-18u37iz r-1h0z5md r-13awgt0"><a href="([^"]*)/analytics.*,\1 &,')|grep .|awk '!a[$1]++');(($(wc -l<<<"$x")>=max))&&{ head -n $max<<<"$x";break; };sjs 'window.scrollBy(0,(window.innerHeight))';done)
$ trep()(tr -d \\n|grep -Po '<article.*?</article>'|sed -En 's,.*Replying to <div class="css-175oi2r r-xoduu5"><a dir="ltr" href="/([^"]*).*="([^"]*)/analytics.*,\1 \2,p')
$ open -asafari '';sleep 1
$ tarts>temp # Twitter articles
$ trep<temp|cut -d\  -f1|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn|sed 's/^ *//' # Twitter replies
15 liz_churchill10
15 ElonMuskAOC
12 thehealthb0t
12 iluminatibot
12 _wake_up_USA
12 Bubblebathgirl
11 newstart_2024
11 BGatesIsaPyscho
9 wideawake_media
8 Travis_4_Trump
6 usanews0
6 elonmuskADO
6 akafacehots
5 WallStreetApes
5 JamesMelville
4 PeterSweden7
3 TaraBull808
3 ProudElephantUS
3 JimFergusonUK
3 GuntherEagleman
3 DesireeAmerica4
2 MJTruthUltra
2 LeadingReport
2 Jules31415
2 DiedSuddenly_
1 tedcruz
1 simonateba
1 redpillb0t
1 kksheld
1 jenbrokow
1 elonmusk
1 dustinemills24
1 catturd2
1 bambkb
1 _aussie17
1 Vital_Vibration
1 VigilantFox
1 TulsiGabbardrep
1 Teslaconomics
1 ShadowofEzra
1 SageListener
1 RealAlexJones
1 JDunlap1974
1 HicksKiwi
1 GregAbbott_TX
1 DC_Draino
1 Anpo_Star
1 AmericanMama86
1 3Sandy7_

About half of the 200 most recent replies quoted a tweet by another user. All of the quoted users were included among my usual suspects, with the exception of _wake_up_USA:

$ tqt()(tr -d \\n|grep -Po '<article.*?</article>'|grep '<div class="css-175oi2r r-1adg3ll r-bztko3" data-testid="UserAvatar-Container-'|sed -E 's,.*</div><div class="css-175oi2r r-18u37iz r-1q142lx"><a href="/[^/]*/status/([0-9]*)".*data-testid="UserAvatar-Container-([^"]*).*,\2 \1,')
$ tqt<temp|cut -d\  -f1|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn|sed 's/^ *//' # Twitter quote tweets
44 wideawake_media
13 thehealthb0t
13 BGatesIsaPyscho
9 JimFergusonUK
3 bambkb
2 _wake_up_USA
2 _aussie17
2 VigilantFox
1 liz_churchill10

In the replies of the same tweet by Jim Ferguson, replies which only mentioned one or more other users with no other text were posted by the accounts annemerel_, CRUSADEwisdom, DocpalFrancesc2, Jennife92762441, Kaiserlin411071, MrWooWooPodcast, NeilMcK19037102, and RK2665845545845:

Some of the accounts shown above seemed like real people, and two accounts didn't have enough tweets that I could count their reposts up to the point when the infinite scrolling stops loading new tweets. But the account that seemed the most like bots were NeilMcK19037102 and mamaisdone. Both of them posted dozens of retweets per day. But mamaisdone had posted only 25 non-retweet tweets in the past 3 years. []

The bio of mamaisdone still says "Mother of two locked up kids for no reason", even though lockdowns haven't been in place for a long time:

NeilMcK19037102 has over 30,000 tweets even though its account is only about a year old:

When I counted the reposts of the three accounts mentioned above to the point when the infinite scrolling stopped loading more tweets, all three accounts had reposted Concerned Citizen and Wide Awake Media at least 20 times:

Old content being presented as new by Camus and Jim Ferguson

In May 2024 Camus (newstart_2021) posted a tweet about a "disturbing new study" but he didn't link to the study or even mention who the authors were. However he quoted a part of the abstract, and when I googled for the abstract, I found that it was from a paper by Norman Fenton et al. that was published in September 2021. So the so-called new study was almost 3 years old: [

The same day Jim Ferguson posted the video below from a Canadian Zoom meeting. [] He said the video was breaking news, even though actually the video had been posted on YouTube 20 days earlier by Christine Massey, who was invited to the meeting and who recorded the video. [] However Ferguson didn't credit Massey or link to the source of the video, but he included a screen which promoted his own organization at the end of the video which made it seem like he was the original source of the video:

Link to Vigilant News article about Peter McCullough that was posted by Maitreya Rael

Maitreya Rael posted this link to an article about Peter McCullough at Vigilant News, which unusually said "check up" instead of "check out", and the words "content" and "Dr." were joined together:

When I searched for tweets that matched the text "Check up this awesome contentDr.", I found bots that had posted links to several other articles about McCullough at Vigilant News: []

This Japanese bot posted a similar tweet but it translated the title of the news story to Japanese:

The same Japanese bot had recently reposted Concerned Citizen, Vigilant Fox, DiedSuddenly, Jim Ferguson, Vigilant News, Wall Street Silver, Wall Street Apes, nikola 3, and Liz Churchill: []

Up to the point when the infinite scrolling stopped loading more tweets, the Japanese bot had retweeted or quote tweeted the accounts below at least 6 times. Almost all of them are Japanese, with the exception of Jim Ferguson, Vigilant Fox, Vigilant News, two other English-language accounts, and two Chinese-language accounts:

28 naoyafujiwara
24 kharaguchi
21 JimFergusonUK
20 ChikatsuHayashi
14 matsudadoraemo1
13 yasuhoo_11
12 mili2023479 (Chinese)
11 VigilantFox
10 newssharing1
10 mayusiku1
9 okamotonobuo
9 Sprinterfactory (English-language account that posts about geopolitics)
9 Snofy8 (Chinese)
8 soraazure
8 nuomt
8 mukuraimu1
8 kurotan505611
8 hidezumi
8 Tamama0306
7 jupiter_russia
7 am_z2h
7 VigilantNews
6 sosorasora3
6 pachoogo
6 hahaguma
6 fasc1nate (over 3 million followers; posts random supposedly fascinating content)
6 H2U7LiHRYA31388
6 DevaBrahma

Another Japanese account which told people to check up awesome content by McCullough was called YujiMarutani:

It had recently also reposted Robin Monotti, Camus, Peter McCullough, Vigilant Fox, William Makis, Insider Paper, Wall Street Silver, and McCullough Foundation:

These were all non-Japanese accounts it had retweeted at least 6 times:

23 robinmonotti
10 MakisMD
9 _HeartofGrace_
9 WallStreetSilv
9 BRICSinfo
8 zerohedge
7 drkstrong
7 P_McCulloughMD

The links to Vigilant News articles which said "Check up this awesome content" were posted between August and December 2023, but before it similar tweets were mostly posted by Indian accounts:

One of the tweets which told people to check up content by Vigilant News was posted by a bot called AlwaysTex4Trump, which is portrayed as a Trump fan Qtard Christian:

The bot Raelian Amor also posted a link to the article about McCullough, where the title and the text "Check up this awesome content" were translated to Korean:

Accounts that had posted about Zelenko in Korean

I searched for lang:ko (vladimir OR zev) zelenko, there were results posted by a total of 7 accounts, but one of them was the bot Raelian Amor which promotes Raelianism in Korean: []

Another tweet was posted by an Australian Miles Guo bot which normally posts in English. The bot sometimes also tweets in other langauges like Japanese, German, and Frech:

A third account which posted about Zelenko in Korean was a Qtard Trump fan bot which often added "trust the plan" in Korean to the end of its tweets, and which also promoted McCullough and Füllmich (these screenshots are machine-translated): []

Tweet by Wide Awake Media which said that SARS-CoV-2 does not exist

This tweet was posted 3 times by Wide Awake Media:

There were also 4 other accounts which posted a similar tweet, which were called keasea07, CMDRVALTHOR, judithj887, and Divonnaise:

At least three of the accounts promoted Q and two of them promoted flat earth:

The following accounts had been reposted at least twice by keasea07 or CMDRVALTHOR (I'm using the word "repost" as a generic term that includes both retweets and quote tweets):

keasea07           CMDRVALTHOR
-----------------  ------------------
33 keasea07        30 NiclasQSwede
28 iluminatibot    17 updatesgalactic
17 LauraLoomer     14 ronin19217435
10 elonmusk        10 sergioa94679493
10 MobbinBilly93   7 j00ny369T
9 EndWokeness      7 ConnieKR016
8 cb_doge          6 Whiplash437
8 RealAlexJones    6 Thekeksociety
8 MattWallace888   5 argosaki
7 GuntherEagleman  5 John_M_Q
6 livewithnoregrt  4 JFKFan12345
6 WallStreetSilv   3 FlatEarthZone
5 unusual_whales   2 vegastarr
5 dom_lucre        2 liz_churchill10
5 MarioNawfal      2 flatsmackin
5 CollinRugg       2 _SNEAKY_17
4 s8n              2 RubenRodInSa
4 redpillb0t       2 M3G3Mikeq_1_7_
4 catturd2         2 JackStr42679640
4 PeterSweden7     2 GoldTelegraph_
4 LeadingReport    2 DianaT192
4 AlinaHabba       2 BarbaraOneillAU
3 thehealthb0t
3 RepMTG
3 Forcekeasea1229
3 ACTBrigitte
2 simonateba
2 lindayaX
2 _johnnymaga
2 WallStreetApes
2 TaraBull808
2 RishiSunak
2 BGatesIsaPyscho

The account keasea07 also copied tweets from Mario Nawfal and IlluminatiCoin bots:

CMDRVALTHOR seems to have copied these two tweets from an account called QTHESTORMM:

It also copied tweets from Qtard accounts called RealWHGrampa and PatrickJFKJnr:

When I searched for the text of another tweet by CMDRVALTHOR in double quotes, the first account which had posted a similar tweet had the display name "Elon Musk ( Parody )":

The most recent tweets by the account called "Elon Musk ( Parody )" didn't include tweets about Elon Musk, but instead its 20 newest non-reply tweets included 2 reposts of CMDRVALTHOR and Jack Straw, one repost of DR. Kek, and one repost of nikola 3:

CMRVALTHOR, DR. Kek, Jack Straw, and nikola 3 were all among the 10 accounts that the Elon Musk parody account had reposted most often:

50 Thekeksociety (DR. Kek)
40 Prolotario1 (black Trump fan account with display name Ariel)
27 JackStr42679640
20 Outdoctrination (personalized health company that sells nutraceuticals)
17 Cancelcloco (guy with a mustache who does vlogs)
15 RjNol (mainly posts about Tartaria and fake history, but also posts about flat earth)
14 ronin19217435 (nikola 3)
14 SabrinaGal182 (Qtard account whose most recent tweets included reposts of nikola 3 and DR. Kek)
11 MAVERIC68078049 (posts about celebrities and Tartaria)

Hierarchical clustering tree based on repost counts

In the tree below I calculated a distance matrix between accounts based on how many times they had been reposted by different accounts. I included a total of 83 accounts whose reposts I had scraped up to the point when the infinite scrolling stopped loading more tweets, which also includes reposts of many real people who are not bots. However the tree is not very accurate because it's not based on a large enough number of users, so for example I got on branch for accounts reposted by Suviquu1 and another branch for accounts that were reposted by wendytartar:



m=m[,colSums(m)>=100] # include only reposters with at least 100 reposted tweets
m=m[rowSums(m)>=50,] # include only accounts reposted at least 50 times
m=m[rowSums(m>0)>=8,] # include only accounts reposted by at least 8 different users

m=t(t(m)/colSums(m)) # normalize repost matrix so reposters with most total reposts are not given too much weight
m=m/rowSums(m) # normalize so accounts reposted most often are not given too much weight
m=m^.7 # give less weight to cells in the repost matrix with the highest values





system("mogrify -gravity center -trim -border 24 -bordercolor white 1.png")